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  • The KINGPIN is sporting a 240 mm Hybrid cooling system, a first for any EVGA card
  • Custom cooling designed in cooperation with Vince “K|NGP|N” Lucido
  • 16+3 Phase VRM with extreme overclocking in mind
  • 12 temperature sensors for comprehensive monitoring solution
  • Built in OLED to show real-time card stats


  • 11GB of Samsung 14GHz GDDR6 memory
  • The all new cooler is comprised for three fans and a new AIO
    • A 100mm HBM fan mounted to a full metal heatsink
    • Dual 120x120x25mm PWM fans w/ ~69.5 CFM rating each
    • Asetek Gen 6 pump with direct die contact via a copper cold plate
    • 240mm Radiator with 30mm thickness
    • Modular VRM heatsink, allowing aftermarket GPU coolers
    • All metal cooler shroud and backplate
  • PCB designed in cooperation with Illya “TiN” Tsemenko
    • Custom low-loss 12-layer PCB
    • Probe-It header to allow for real-time monitoring GPU voltages by DMM
    • EVBot header allows for real-time power settings tuning
    • Triple BIOS for Normal, OC and Extreme LN2 use profiles
    • Array of 12 onboard iCX temperature sensors
    • Integrated voltage monitoring with real-time OLED readout
    • Diagnostic LEDs & Self-diagnostics for correct power and GPU operation
  • 16+3 Phase VRM with Extreme overclocking in mind
    • Dual MP2888A controllers
    • 16 – MP86956 – 60 ampere Smart PowerStages for the GPU
    • 3 – MP86956 – 60 ampere Smart PowerStages for the Memory
    • PEXVDD single-phase digital control VRM
    • Triple 8-pin +12V PCIe power connectors located on the edge for clean cabling
    • Over 520 W TDP Rating with bundled VBIOS
  • Shroud OLED display
    • Built into the shroud is a OLED Display to show real-time card stats and user messages
    • Shows real-time Voltages, Temperatures, Clocks, Power Consumption, and GPU Utilization
    • Show self-test and diagnostic results
    • Monitor GPU junction temperature in wide range from -64 °C to +105 °C
    • Optional LN2 benching kit with OLED bracket for enthusiast use with 3rd party cooling solution.
  • EVGA Hydro Copper full-cover waterblock option
    • Bundled additional OLED bracket module for Hydro Copper and real-time benchmark monitoring
    • Video out ports designed for use with single slot brackets
  • Other features
    • Fan header allows for PWM control of attached fan/s in EVGA Precision X1
    • VirtualLink™ with USB Type-C I/O connector

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